Window World of Columbus Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying. Below is a sampling of statements from actual testimonial letters received in our Columbus office from customers throughout our region who had a diverse range of needs!

“They were fast, did a great job! Did a good job cleaning up everything. They worked hard and are really good workers. Now I need to find more work to do on my home so they can come back again!”
– Mrs. B

“The team was very good! The install was quicker than I could have imagined. The team was clean and worked clean. Great job!”
– Chad P.

“The installers were courteous and explained in detail what they were going to do! I was impressed!”
– Randy M.

“Very satisfied with the job. I will recommend you to my friends.”
– Jim Sigonles

“Your installers were very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.”
– Dale Haney

“I would recommend your windows and quality of service to everyone. No question, Window World is the only way to go for the best and most affordable replacement windows! Excellent service!”
– Diana Abood

“Great Crew! Very knowledgeable and welcome inputs from customer. We’ll definitely refer to any relatives or friends. Great Job!”
– Sornoza Froilan

“Everyone involved was fantastic, helpful and professional, and I recommended two friends to Window World prior to installation.”
– Christen Cristel