From our founding in 1995 to today, our motto never changes, “Provide a Superior Product, Installed by a Professional Craftsman, at Our Low Price Guarantee.”


In 1995, Window World was just a small roadside stand in Wilmington, NC, ran by a man with big aspirations. This man was Leon Whitworth, and he vowed to grow his company on principles that had long been gone in the home improvement industry. There was a very common negative stereotype regarding home improvement companies, involving a slick-tongued salesman who would give a fancy presentation and a ridiculously high price. He would then create fake discounts and bogus coupon incentives to try to “WOW” the customer into thinking they were getting a great deal. Leon Whitworth knew this tactic, and he knew it wouldn’t work in creating a reputable company. Whitworth was going to be honest and hardworking, while providing customers with a high quality product. And he was going to do all of this without charging an arm and a leg.

This very idea inspired the Window World Motto, to “Provide a Superior Product, Installed by a professional craftsman, at our low price guarantee.”

Window World partnered with the highest quality window manufacturers on the globe. Window World windows are designed with the latest in energy efficiency technology, created with the highest quality materials and equipment.


Whitworth’s small roadside stand in Wilmington has grown into over 205 Window World franchised locations nationally. Spanning 46 states, Window World is the largest window replacement company in America, and is one of the largest home improvement companies as well. Each franchised location is individually owned and operated, ensuring that each customer’s project gets the individual attention it deserves. Each owner and craftsman receive monthly training covering all aspects of technological changes and advances within the home improvement industry. We understand that the job we do for you today, will lead to the job for your neighbor next week. We strive to do our absolute best on every project, every time.